Merch Shop is a T-Shirt and Custom Printing Company, based in Hyderabad, Telangana. Being in Hyderabad. We realized over a period of time that it is not about the machines, but the professional service of customized orders, systematic approach to manufacturing, understanding and the keen interest with attention to detail in customer’s business’ requirements is what brings us orders. We are very much optimistic about the industry and the work we do.


We have equipped the digital printing facility with Direct to Garment Printing Machines, Sublimation – with all over Printing and garment sewing options, Transfer Printing machines.


The operations are managed by a team of experienced professionals from sales, support, production supervision, design review & repair, logistics, inventory management, purchase, and accounts.


At Merch Shop, we are bound by our core values of being an extended manufacturing arm of our clients. Optimistic Attitude, Joyful environment and Delivery as Promised are our work mantras at Merch Shop.